1999 Porsche Parade Club Race au circuit Mont-Tremblant - August 14-15

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General Information

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A bit about the track and the area

Seventy-five miles north of Montreal, Mont-Tremblant is a former home of the Canadian F1 Gran Prix and one of the oldest road courses in North America. "A mini-Nurburgring" - Jackie Stewart. It is a challenging track with thrilling elevation changes. There is a good writeup of the track at the Northeast region's web site.

The surrounding area is a four-season resort and park, with plenty to see and do, including some excellent golf courses. There is plenty of accommodation, but do not wait until the last minute to book. See http://www.tremblant.com and http://www.mt-tremblant.com for information, or call central reservations at 1-800-567-6760

About the race weekend itself

Last year's race at Mont-Tremblant was Rennsport's first. This year we plan on using a similar low-key format. Due to parade conflicts there will again be no Saturday dinner, although "refreshments" will be provided once the track closes.

This is a restricted-sound track. Use a muffler. Track management can (and does) ban at any time a car it feels is too noisy.

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