Historical Holbert Racing Catalog

In the 1980's, Holbert Racing in Pennsylvania was the place to get 924/944 performance goodies. Al Holbert had been involved with Porsches since his birth - his father was an accomplished racer of the first four-cylinder Porshes :-), and had a Porsche dealership in Pennsylvania. Al became an accomplished racer, winning Le Mans and multiple IMSA titles campaigning anything from Chevy Monza's to Porsche 962's. Eventually, he became head of Porsche Motorsports North America, and was responsible for running the type 2708 Porsche Indy Car.

Tragically, Al Holbert was killed in a private plane accident while working on the Porsche Indy program. Following his death, Holbert Racing closed its doors, and its assets were sold off. This was a great loss to the Porsche community, but especially to those driving and racing Porsche 924's and 944's. Al was a great proponent of these cars, being intimately involved with the model's first big racing campaign in North America, the D-Prod 924, and influencing the factory to work intimately with American race development shops. Although not developed by Holbert Racing, the final expression of this mode of developement was the 944 tube frame racer, which is still getting podium finishes at the Runoffs in GT-2.

In May 2003, I was having my 944 aligned at Campbell Garage in Montreal, Quebec. I was rooting around old magazines and catalogues when I found a Holbert Racing catalog. Although there is no date on the catalog, it is from the late 1980's, when Al Holbert was campaigning the Miller High Life 962. I have scanned a number of pages from that catalog, and present them here, as there is no copyright statement on the catalog. Please note Holbert Racing is no longer in business; but many of the items shown here are still available. The Cool-brake moulds were bought by OG Racing, and are sold by them. Similar fibreglas body parts to the ones shown are currently available from GT-Racing, and no doubt others.


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