1964 Ford Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

I want this car. Unfortunately, they're unobtainable. For example, Car and Driver magazine did a story on the $4Million "death coupe".

They also did a story on the FIA GT-championship-winning Cobra Daytonas, which tells you a lot of why I want this car.

About the pics below:
"I shot these during practice for the 1964 Goodwood Tourist Trophy. Phil Hill was driving one, and I believe Dan Gurney was driving another."
- Evan Gamblin. Car 21's driver definitely looks like Dan Gurney in the first shot below.

FFR Type 65 Coupe

This modern-day kit is the closest I could find to the original (and not costing bespoke prices). The chassis is well-suited to the track, where it would live. What an awesome car to run in Targa Newfoundland!

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