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  Gardenscapes LLC   Your one stop shop for Createk stones, from the only licensed New Hampshire dealer
Propane covers
Well covers
Lanterns/Sun dials
Bird baths
Pond Edge Waterfalls

The wellhead needed to be raised.
It was. My wife said, “ That thing is ugly sticking up in my garden. Find something to hide it.”
And, so, GARDENSCAPES, LLC was born. What we found was a lightweight realistic recreation of natural granite and stone.

Our offerings, which are created here in New England by Createk, include everything from small single stone planters to birdbaths to wellhead covers to propane fill covers to landscape architectural pieces. Since the inception of GARDENSCAPES,LLC in 2002, we have grown from serving a small area around our home in New Hampshire to all over New England and beyond. We are home gardeners. We are home landscapers. We use our products and love the response they get. We think you’ll like it too.
Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you learned a little about us. If you have any questions, please
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