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'69 911T,Hwy 1, Monterey, CA, '76

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After 16 years in hibernation... '97
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Monterey,CA 2004
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 Current vehicle stats, 2006

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Parts For Sale

Factory pics (rev. 3/15/03)
The first day of the '72 MY production run (Zuffenhausen, 8/71)

RGruppe Trefen, Monterey, 2005

RGruppe, Tour De Cambria, 2001

RGruppe: North meets South,
May, 2000

The slow process of rebuilding


Adding a Remote Starter Switch
Reduce wear on your expensive ignition switch.

Weight Reduction Exercise
Drilled hinges. How much weight loss?

Gate Shift kit for 915 transaxles
(rev. 5/14/02)
Here is my version of a device to help prevent those expensive mis-shifts. Read about the reasons for my attempts at inventiondom.

Heavy Duty Brake Fluid Comparison Chart (rev. 4/15/06)
Here is a summary of heavy duty brake fluids. Compare dry and wet boiling temperatures for the best fluid for your application.

Timing 911 Cams
These pages (9) are repro'd from the 1990 issue of Import Service magazine.
©1990 Ralph Birnbaum.


Technical, cont'd
Wheel Weights and other wheel info (rev. 3/30/08)
How much do those wheels really weigh? Less is more.

Corner Balance Worksheet
(rev. 7/23/02)
Reduce confusion when you're juggling those torsion bars. This form eases the calculations in determining that perfect vehicle stance.

Early 911 Electrical Wiring Diagrams
(rev. 1/30/05)
Full color, from the factory service manual. These have been scanned and cleaned up for color printing. More to come.

Upgrading to Alloy Control Arms
(as seen in Excellence Magazine, 4/96)
(revised, 9-16-05)

Data and details on how to upgrade early 911s to use ''74-'89 alloy rear control arms.



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Fastener Training Manual
Basic information concerning fastener design.

Porsche Original Parts Catalogs
Factory parts catalogs on PDF format

What's It Weigh?
Jim Calzia's oft-quoted compilation on early 911 component weights.

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