Our vintage 911S project











Adding more every week -

Recent update - Marchal hood lamps

We began this project for several reasons. I was looking for a common activity I could share with my 17-year-old son. We had done the soccer coach/player thing but he was interested in cars now and was getting way too interested in the "rice burners" for my liking! Did you ever see the "cute" little brakes on a Honda Civic? So he obviously needed to learn the finer points about automobiles... and on what better than a classic 911? Secondly, I was seeing 6200 RPM and 100 MPH too frequently while driving my 1984 Carrera and realized I needed another outlet for my "need for speed". Thirdly, I enjoy tinkering with mechanical things and hanging pictures around the house for my wife was not getting it. Fourth, I have competed in SCCA in an old MGA and raced go-karts as a young man but ran out of money each time just when I was starting to run with the fast guys. Plus reliving our youth is what us old guys all want to do anyway (at least that is what my wife tells me).