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      My 1979 Porchev 928 project                                Best Viewed at 1024 x 768

                                       Last updated 15-07-03
      I bought this old 79 Euro in August 2001
      And starting my "different" project.

      928 Movies



    Hoon noun
      (Australian & New Zealand Slang)

      1. Person who takes God's message
          out into the World
      2. Person who drives hot, fast
          or loud cars

      3. Hotrodder, person who hots up
          cars just for fun

      Started off fixing all the wiring, speedo, etc.
      Recovered the dash and installed a new momo "Race" steering wheel

      Engine Bay Make Over



       The Old Rice Burner

       928 Cake?

       The Best Cup Holder Ever

   I Can Always Dream  

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      James Wehl - Computer Technician [email protected]
      0746301109-hm, 0404677802 (Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia) 

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