1988 Porsche 944 For Sale. White/Black, approx. 85,000 miles. Asking: $6500
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I am only selling this car because I just bought a 944 turbo and i am trying to buy another bmw so i need money. If you would like more photos or ask questions please e-mail me, i will give you my phone number if you want to talk to me but i will not post it here online. If you would like to see the car in person it is being stored at my shop (RPM Racing Inc.) in Huntington Station, Long Island.

Car history:
I bought this car in april of 2002 with approx. 75000 miles on it from my girlfriend's uncle who kept very good care of it and always kept it garaged. I drove it daily for a short time but i bought another car for rainy days and daily abuse. This car was mostly used on weekends and has been used 2 or 3 times in autocross with the metro new york porsche club. I have Some records from the original owner (but not many) and i have thousands of dollars worth of recipts since i bought the car. When winter came i turned in the plates and put the car away for storage so it hasnt been driven since last october (it has been driven around the parking lot at my shop and ran fine but with no plates i couldnt take it out on the streets).

Condition of the car:
The exterior of the car is very clean. No rust, very few stone marks or scratches and no dents. The paint shines nicely and the car has been stored in my shop for most of the winter.
The interior of the car is great. No cracks in the dash, no tears in the seats, no broken glove box or arm rest. All of the problems normally found in these cars have been avoided. The only thing that bothers me is that the shift knob is starting to wear in one spot but the leather can be replaced.

Major maintenance done in the last 2000-3000 miles:
- New Sachs Sport Clutch
- New Water Pump & Seals
- New Alternator
- Recent Timing Belt Service (and properly schedualed re-tention)
- Recently Refinished Wheels
- Recently Rebuilt Passenger Side Control Arm
- New Brake Pads & Sensors All Around

Extras added to car since I purchased it:
- Weltmeister Throttle Cam
- K&N Air Filter
- New Blaupunkt Speakers, Front & Rear
- New Aiwa MP3/CD Player

I have also replaced and fixed many small things, I have recipts for parts and labor since I bought the car totaling up to several thousand dollars.

Service that the car Requires:
- May need new idle control valve ($150), there is a slight shudder when coming down to idle if you rev the motor. From what i have read this part needs to be replaced around this milage anyway.
- Rear windshield wiper does not function, I never replaced it since i do not drive the car in the rain.
- Sunroof motor needs a new gear or relay (fairly common problems i believe), the sunroof can be manually removed but the arms for the motor are stuck in the down position.

Since the car has been in storage for the last 7 months or so I would flush and replace all the fluids. The gas had fuel stabilizer added to it but a fresh tank would do the car good. Also, in my opinion a new set of tires should be purchased if you plan on driving the car in wet conditions, the current tires dont have much wet grip.